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As a 400m athlete, training with Niclas significantly improved my understanding of the event. Learning from someone with extensive experience in competing at the big stage, I learned the importance of engaging my whole body when running, which has transformed my running form, that was way too passive, to executing each step with force, which is something he instilled in me. As someone who would also get injured frequently, he has given me different gym & rehab programs to ensure that my body is in the best condition to perform, making me a more competitive athlete while dealing with my injuries.


Niclas’s knowledge in running has been life-changing for me. Under his guidance, my fitness levels have skyrocketed as he tailored running drills specifically for my needs. Niclas pushed me to my limits, constantly motivating me to go further and faster than I ever thought possible. With his experience and infectious enthusiasm, he helped me get in the best shape of my life. Going from a 20min to a 17:20 5k time. Thanks to Niclas, my love for running has been reignited.


Nick is an amazing PT. After suffering from a knee and ankle sprain, he created an 8 week rehabilitation programme for me that has not only given me guidance, but confidence to get back into the gym & fitness in general. It’s easy to overdo things when going in alone, so his detailed plan with video examples has been super helpful for slowly getting me back to optimal health. As someone who asks the right questions, and takes time to understand my physical ailments, he is a reliable and knowledgeable person to have around.